What would it take to lose an audience?

When you boil it down to the basics, I’m kind of a weird guy. At the time of writing, I’m a weird guy with 6,876 followers on Twitter. That’s not bragging. I’m baffled. That figure has deviated very little over the years, having originally been earned by my moderately successful and long defunct football website. I… Read More »

Good riddance to The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is on borrowed time. In paving the way for its golden goose to leave the BBC for Channel 4, Love Productions has put a bullet in the mighty bird. Three of the show’s on-screen talents have walked away, leaving behind only a format and a man who is very pleased… Read More »

The world’s smallest record label

Excuse the cross-promotion, but this is a big one. For a number of years I’ve harboured the dream of owning a record label. I have no major ambitions but I’d love to be able to say in the future that I once put out some music by brilliant artists. In partnership with my friend Dave… Read More »


I’ve been thinking about creativity lately. Creativity isn’t a skill I tend to think I have but then it’s not really just a skill anyway. There’s something more to it. It’s a knack. It’s a process. It’s a route to ideas that work. That might not vibe with established definitions of creativity. And why would… Read More »

The growing importance of knowing your story in social media marketing

To the phalanx of social media professionals who published their 2016 predictions earlier this month, content marketing and brand storytelling aren’t predictions in their own right any longer. It’s not enough to pontificate about them having a big year because, increasingly, they are social media marketing. As an industry we’re beyond the point of general… Read More »

Emoji: not a language, maybe, but a growing global phenomenon

We’ve all seen them because they’re absolutely everywhere. Emoji, the pictographic system storming our social media timelines and messenger apps, is divisive in language lover circles and presents some real challenges for content marketers. Those whose clients have young audiences can’t ignore the emoji phenomenon. Few of us can. The rise of the emoji has… Read More »